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Director of IP|知识产权总监





Head of Intellectual Property of Fii Business Group, previously worked for smartphone pioneer, HTC Corporation. He joined HTC in 2006 when the company was beginning to expand into the global market with its own branded mobile products.

He was involved in over 250 patent litigations in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, China and South Korea. He also handled patent license matters from HTC’s headquarters in Taiwan, was responsible for assessments of the merits and risks of HTC’s patent cases, and provided strategies and execution. He was also involved in shaping HTC’s patent portfolio development and investment strategy.

He holds an LLM from the National Chengchi University, an LLM in IP law from the University of New Hampshire School of Law (Franklin Pierce Law Center) and a MS from Mechanical Engineering Department, National Taiwan University.

He has been certified as an IP evaluation analyst by the China Industrial and Commercial Research Institute(CICRI)and has been invited to speak at the Securities and Futures Institute (Taiwan), Institute of Internal Auditors (Taiwan) and the Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Centre (National Applied Research Laboratories, Taiwan) on topics including cross-border patent litigation risk assessment, IP management and strategies facing patent threats from an in-house perspective.

As Head of Intellectual Property of Fii Business Group, He dedicates in technology supply chain and intellectual property management to adapt company’s technology development strategy on EMS industry toward intelligent and automation.