Why the Event
China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit 丨 April 2015 丨 Shanghai, China
With the establishment of intellectual property courts in progress among the largest cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou), domestic intellectual property rights protecting environment is also developing rapidly. According to statistics, more than 110,000 intellectual property cases have been accepted in China, which makes China become the country with the largest number of IP cases yearly accepted. For domestic enterprises, intellectual property rights has gradually become an important sword to occupy the market share and is an inevitable road to reshape enterprise comparative advantages with innovation.

Cooperate with relevant industrial organizations, media, and governments both home and abroad to hold the China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit 2015 in Shanghai, China during April 16th to 17th. As leading high level conference organizer, Conways is gathering authorities from IP industry worldwide with high cohesion to have deeply discussion about latest hot topics, new trends of policies and regulations, cases sharing, strategy management and etc.

Involved Industries including Hi-Tec, Electronics, Software Engineering, Bio-pharma etc. this time, and besides presentations given, interactive platforms, two sessions focus on inside and outside of China separately will impress you with multiple-angles discussions.

Speaking of attendees, they are decision makers in IP field from all over the world like Europe, USA, Japan, Korea Singapore, etc., you will meet more than 250 authorities in one summit within two days.

This time, hot topics will include but not limited to: