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China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit 丨April 2016 丨 Shanghai, China

On the recent Davos Forum, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out the concept “ Public entrepreneurship, popular innovation” , which makes intellectual property innovation develop rapidly. At the same time, the government of China would like to supply fair environment to all the participants from the fierce competition market through further reducing the decentralization, strengthening patent law enforcement and IP protection and encouraging companies to protect themselves with utilizing and innovating IP.
As the development of Chinese economy within the recent years, the protection of IP has become the core to corporates both at home and abroad in company strategy layout. And it is essential for those who want to explore China market or oversea market to understand the situation of IP development in different countries. According to the statistics, with the establishment of IP courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the number of IP cases is increasing and makes China become the country with largest number of IP cases accepted yearly.

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Speakers in 2016

Xiaodong CHEN
IP Director
Johnson & Johnson

Chengjian WU
Senior IP Counsel

IP Director
Humanwell Healthcare Group

IP Director
Qihoo 360 Technology

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Previous Eminent Speakers

Joo Sup Kim
Vice President
LG Electronics

Ki Kim
Vice President
Samsung Display Co.,Ltd

Head of Patents
Unilever China

Weiye MA

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