The China intellectual property & Innovation summit(CIPIS), organized by Conways, will be held in China for the 13th time in 2022. CIPIS is one of the most influential IP industry events in the Asia-pacific region. The theme of CIPIS is "Global Vision-China Focus". The organizer ha been pursuing in-depth discussions, collisions of ideas, and etc. among enterprises.
The series of CIPIS summits will be held in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen in 2022, with the support of internationally influential and authoritative media, governments and associations.
The following is the specific time. The summit is a closed-door forum, and Conways is the only organizer and inviter. Interested companies should contact the organizer to reserve seats as soon as possible.

* SUMMIT 1: Aug.18th-19th, 2022Shanghai, China

* SUMMIT 2: Nov.10th-11th, 2022Shenzhen, China

* SUMMIT 3: Mar.23rd-24th, 2023 | Beijing China

“中国知识产权及创新峰会”,由Conways 主办,将于2023年在中国迎来第十三届的举办。CIPIS作为亚太地区最具影响力的知识产权行业盛会之一,主旨为「全球视野·中国聚焦」,企业间的深层次探讨、碰撞与发展是主办方的长期追求,经过十几届的累积,目前已有近万的企业管理层出席现场。




* 峰会12022818-19日丨中国 上海

* 峰会22022年1110-11日丨中国 深圳

* 峰会32023年3月23-24日丨中国 北京