Why the Event

China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit 丨April 2016 丨 Shanghai, China

On the recent Davos Forum, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out the concept “ Public entrepreneurship, popular innovation” , which makes intellectual property innovation develop rapidly. At the same time, the government of China would like to supply fair environment to all the participants from the fierce competition market through further reducing the decentralization, strengthening patent law enforcement and IP protection and encouraging companies to protect themselves with utilizing and innovating intellectual property.

As the development of Chinese economy within the recent years, the protection of IP has become the core to corporates both at home and abroad in company strategy layout. And it is essential for those who want to explore China market or oversea market to understand the situation of IP development in different countries. According to the statistics, with the establishment of IP courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the number of IP cases is increasing and makes China become the country with largest number of IP cases accepted yearly.

With the successful held of the previous summits, Conways Asia will be organizing the China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit 2016(CIPIS2016) on Apr. 14thto 15th2016, in Shanghai, China.The summit is aimed at offering you an optimal platform to discuss the IP protection strategies with government officials, IP organizations, IP experts, and in-house from world-leading companies.

Involved Industries including Hi-Tec, Electronics, Software Engineering, Bio-pharma, and etc.. All invited attendees are decision makers in IP field from all over the world like from China, Europe, U.S., Japan, Korea, Singapore, and etc., you will meet more than 400 authorities in one summit within two days again. More attendees with higher quality!

IP court and judicial protection of patent in China
Trademark protection strategies
Criminal Enforcement of IP in China
Future outlook on Patent Reform in U.S.A
Europe IP Focus: The Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court
Focus on Pharmaceuticals and Biotech industries
Trade secret protection strategies
ITC litigation and licensing
Patent enforcement in Europe
The recent dynamic of IP protection in the Third world
Intellectual property risk management
NPE litigation strategies for Chinese companies

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