China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit 丨October 2016 丨 Shenzhen, China

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Recently China's Huawei and Samsung are in a raging patent fight, which is highly concerned by the world. Meanwhile being a global power in IP industry becomes one of the China national strategic goals. From the official documents issued by the China State Council, key topics like IP overseas portfolios, risk prevention & control, etc. are continuously mentioned. Under the background of fierce competition and government‘s full support, what will happen to the IP world after?

The China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit (CIPIS) organized by Conways Asia will be held in Shenzhen Cityduring Oct.27-28, 2016 and supported by the influential and authoritative associations, media and governments as well. And now after yearly and successfully held, the CIPIS series summits have already been the landmark for IP industry in Asia.
CIPIS summits locate globally, connect at home & abroad and discuss hot practical topics within 2 days. More than 400 IP heads from industries like telecommunication, electronics, software, pharmaceutical, Internet, etc. will gather for the superb opportunity for conversation, collaboration, and networking.

Hot topics including:

The Latest Judicial Interpretation on Intellectual Property
Patent Litigation Dispute Resolution
Patent Litigation Strategies after AIA revision
Digging Deeper: Apple's Paying Patent Royalties to Huawei;
    Discussion on the Patent Portfolio in Telecoms Industry ;
The Unitary Patent and UPC: State of play
GUI patent protection and infringement deciding
IP strategy in the process of drug R&D


Chief /General IP Counsel
VP & Director of IP Strategy
IP Owner/Investor
Head of IP Litigation
R & D Director
Director/VP of Licensing
IP Partner/Attorney
IP Agent

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Close Talk with Decision Makers
Penetrating in Hot topics
Partnering with Potential ustomers
Exhibiting & Showcasing
Speakers in 2016-Shenzhen
  • Marco Tong

    Senior Licensing Director, IPR Department / Public Relationship & Legal Affairs

  • Vince WANG

    Senior Director, IP Litigation & Licensing Team
    HTC Corporation

  • Jie ZHANG

    IP Office Director
    China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd

  • Xiangsheng KONG

    IP Director
    Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc.

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Previous Eminent Speakers
  • Xuxin CHENG

    Deputy Director of IP Department

  • Haibing WANG

    IP Director

  • Weiye MA

    Director of Patent Management Department
    State Intellectual Property Office

  • Yang DAI

    Head of IP Department
    Geely Holding Group

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